Honor your military creates beautiful wood working pieces that feature personalized military logos of any branch. Our pieces are carefully hand-turned and assembled in the USA.

Handmade pieces since 2016

In 2016, after doing several end of year craft shows, we realized we had a
series of products that had a great potential. The items with the military
logos were so well received that we decided to spin off a new division
featuring all the service logos. Thus was born” HONOR YOUR MILITARY”.

While never personally serving in the military, being at a age that was too
late for Korea and too soon for Viet Nam, I grew up with grandfather, father
and many uncles that proudly served in the military. As well as a marine
son and younger brother who was drafted into the marines. Current
circumstances being experienced by our veterans has motivated me to
expand our products in an attempt to benefit our military veterans and
those currently seving.

Since that commitment, we find doors opening that indicate an exciting
adventure. We were thrilled to find we could purchase the website for . As things evolved, we have set up a
separate company that has virtually no normal cost of doing business.
You can purchase our bottle stoppers, ice cream scoops and our bottle
openers, including shipping and a gift bag on our site. Your payment will be
made through secure credit card option. Please help us help Honor Your
Military, active duty and veterans, by sharing this with your friends.

We will be establishing an advisory board of veterans to approve those who
apply for fundraising status. The Names of those board members will be
released later to those who join our mailing list. These members will NOT
be paid to make our organization more profitable thus increasing the
donations to accepted organizations. With your help we can make a difference for many of our soldiers.


Support Your Military

The wooden handles on all of our items are hand turned in Ohio. The wood is local species and is acquired from trees that have been downed by storms, trimming or urban development. They are finished with materials that bring out the beauty of each wood type. Because of the grain, the growth rings and the location on the tree no two item’s wood will ever be exactly the same,even though the shape may be similar. This makes each item a “One of a kind”. The logos are glued in with an especially strong substance that should stay in place for a long time. In the unlikely event the logo should become loose it can easily be replaced with super glue.




Coast Guard


Air Force


National Guard

Marine Corps

Bottle Openers

Support Local

The bottle opener metal is embedded into the wood so that it will resist breakage. With many craft beers and other drinks an opener can be a handy accessory. You should NEVER place a wooden item in the dish washer as the high heat used to dry dishes can have a disastrous effect on any wood item.




Ice cream scoopers

Ohio Made

The ice cream scoops are sunk several inches into the handle to assure stability when scooping your favorite flavor even when highly frozen. You should NEVER place a wooden item in the dish washer as the high heat used to dry dishes can have a disastrous effect on any wood item.




Bottle Stoppers

Custom Made

The Bottle stopper metal is stainless steel which resists any tarnishing or pitting during use. These can be safely used in most any bottle. You should NEVER place a wooden item in the dish washer as the high heat used to dry dishes can have a disastrous effect on any wood item.




Fundraising Opportunities

We have several methods of using our products to earn money for yourself or your organization. Many of these require very little or even NO financial commitment to enjoy the extra income. We understand that because of the creative way this plan is structured, it can be better understood with personal contact via a face-to-face meeting or a quick phone conversation. Many of the arrangements would require no personal sales. However if one is willing to extend some individual effort the results could be very financially rewarding.
If you would like to learn more Send us an email or set up an appointment or to discuss specific options give us a call 614-315-3331.
Our shop is rather noisy so if you reach email leave us a message and best time to return your call. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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